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Self-Storage Pandemic Relief Pledge  

As operators of self-storage facilities in New York State, we pledge to work hard during the Holiday time period and beyond to find fair and reasonable alternatives to statutory lien enforcement procedures for customers who are experiencing severe financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically…

  • We will suspend lien enforcement action (i.e., auctions) in December for any customer who notifies us in writing that they are unable to make payment because of pandemic-related financial hardship.
  • We will work until August 1, 2021 with all pandemic-related financial hardship customers who remain in contact with storage facility management to find mutually agreeable alternatives to lien enforcement. Alternatives may include…
  • Temporary rent deferral,
  • Rent payment plans,


  • Partial or complete rent abatement in exchange for the customer vacating the storage unit.

We acknowledge that this pledge is not a legal contract and that it may not be possible to arrive at mutually agreeable terms with every customer. Our intention is to serve our community by assisting those who have been most financially impacted by the pandemic and the consequences it has had on our economy. In making this pledge, we hope to be part of a solution during this traditional season of giving.

Click here to download a copy of the Pledge