Your Association is actively engaged in standing up for the industry and its operators in the legislative arena.  Such representation takes various forms including prevention of legislation that would hurt the industry, introduction and support of legislation that will help the industry, and public relations that will improve the image of the industry. A big part of the work involves meeting with elected officials and educating staff members about self-storage. While the Association’s lobbying firm and Board of Directors bare the majority of the legislative effort, all members play an important role.  Two key things that you can do to help the industry achieve its legislative goals are…

  1. Become an active voice with your locally elected representatives in the state Senate and Assembly. Let them know who you are, what you do, and what is important to you, and respond to requests from the Association to reach out on important topics at critical times.
  2. Make contributions to the Association’s PAC fund.  A percentage of your annual membership dues will be allocated to the PAC fund (unless you choose not to allow it), and you may make additional voluntary PAC contributions in any amount. The Association’s PAC fund is used to support elected officials who are most likely to support initiatives that are favorable to our industry.

The Association’s lobbying efforts are led by Ostroff Associates. Ostroff is an Albany-based firm, and they are regarded as one of the top firms in the state. Ostroff is providing a voice for the self-storage industry in the state capital day-in and day-out, and they are regularly educating elected officials and policy makers.

Please lend your support, and together we can make good things happen for our industry!

The New York Self Storage Association (NYSSA), its leadership and greater membership engage each year in advocacy on behalf of the self storage industry. Our thriving industry has a story to tell about economic development, community-based businesses, quality of life and support for important periods of personal transition.

Together with our legislative representatives at Ostroff Associates, NYSSA provides our industry a VOICE and presence at our State Capitol, Albany legislative offices in Albany and back home.

Your membership makes a difference by strengthening our presence statewide. Your ACTION makes things happen. Please respond to calls to action from the state association. A letter, text, email or phone call to your representatives will have an impact. Local visits are important too. Please watch your email for legislative news and updates throughout the legislative session.