NYSSA Board of Directors

The NYSSA is governed by an elected Board of Directors of 14 as well as a three person legal counsel. The NYSSA Board of Directors is comprised of duly-elected industry leaders from all of NYSSA's various constituencies including member companies of all sizes, professional and vendor firms. The Board meets quarterly and Committees meet more frequently, as needed.

James Coakley Photo   James Coakley, Chairman (bio) 


Peter.Gioiello  Peter Gioiello, Vice Chairman


Barry Feinman Photo  Barry Feinman, Treasurer (bio)


Frank Crivello Photo  Frank Crivello, Secretary


Peter Ferraro  Peter Ferraro, CEO


Garo.Derian  Garo Derian, Boardmember


Tom Garden Photo  Tom Garden, Boardmember


Josh.Goldman  Josh Goldman, Boardmember (bio)


Nick Malagisi Photo  Nick Malagisi, Boardmember (bio)


Sally Mensching photo  Sally Coley Boardmember (bio)


Chris Murphy image  Christopher Murphy, Boardmember (bio)


Hardisty 500x500  Kelley Redl-Hardisty, Boardmember


 Noah Springer Photo  Noah Springer, Boardmember (bio)


adam2 headshot prof  Adam Steckler, Boardmember (bio)